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Paint Donation Request Form

Thank you for your interest in our Global Paint Donation project to help change lives, beautify poor communities and protect the environment. The Paint Donation Request Form is for those who have new or leftover paint and would like to donate their paint to support our mission. By filling out the application below, our recycling center will be notified that your paint donation is ready for a pick up or shipping. Donating your unwanted paints is the first step, in order to fulfill our mission, we need funding to support the collection of your paint donation, transportation, storage costs, shipping fees, etc. Please consider making a monetary donation in addition to your paint donation. Your monetary and paint donations are tax-deductible!

For larger donations (500+ gallons) or becoming a partner Please click here or to host a Paint Drive in your community please click here.

Paint Description

Global Paint for Charity is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, your monetary contributions and donations are tax-deductible.

Attention: Global Paint will not take those items: Oil Paint Paint Thinners, Stains Dry Paint, Spackle, and Rusted Cans with less than 25% of Wet Latex Paint. After collection and transportation, all donated latex paint is inspected, sorted, and mixed with latex paint of the same color to achieve the desired quantity and then is transferred to five-gallon plastic containers. 75% of the paint it re-donates to non-profit groups, missionary groups, orphanages, schools, colleges, veterans, and property owners in need all around the world, while 25% is re-donated to individuals at no charge.

Click Here for "Suggestions for Oil Paint Recycling and/or Disposal"

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