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"Good Afternoon, I am one of the environmental coordinators with American Airlines. We have a lot of paint to dispose of, I was wondering what type of paint is acceptable, and how everything works as far as pickup. Feel free to email me. Thanks"

Martin Jarosch.
Environmental Coordinators with American Airlines

"I recently completed a renovation project here at home . . . and at the same time removed several gallons of old unused paint from my attic. Thanks to your article (quite some time ago) in the AJC about Rony Delgarde and his "Global Paint for Charity" I was able to safely dispose of unused paint while at the same time helping others. I just wanted to let you know that when I read your article in the AJC, I cut it out and saved it . . . and have since shared it with others. Without your article about "Global Paint" I would never have known about this organization. I doubt they can afford the money necessary to advertise or otherwise promote their charity, but thanks to your article I was informed about their organization and was able to contact them with a donation. It was a win-win. Anyone who has ever pondered where or how to dispose of paint should know about this organization and be made aware they, too, can help themselves while helping others. I hope you will consider giving "Global Paints for Charity" more publicity in the future. Your story was a big help to me. Sincerely, Harry Shuman"

Harry A. Shuman
Donor in Sindy Springs, GA

"We have one or two hundred cans of paint that we need to get rid of. I am going to bring your organization up to management and see if we can coordinate a date and time for you to come out and pick it up. If you can let me know what days work for you in the next two to four weeks we can schedule this soon. Thanks Rony"

John Myers
Atlanta Botanical Garden

"Rony, We have 50-75 gallons of paint we need picked up. If you will come get it we will also donate $500 to your organization. The paint is located in a warehouse in Norcross GA. Thanks."

Daniel L.
Certified Commercial Investment Manager, Commercial Property Professionals

"Hello: I would like to make a paint donation. I live in the Snellville/Centerville area. I am happy to bring the paint to you -- it is all interior latex house paint, I have about 20 different colors and types. I also would like to make a monetary donation. I would rather give you the paint and some money than pay a for-profit company to take the paint :)! Thank you."

Tafee Patterson
Snellville, GA

"Hi Rony, You may not remember me but my husband and I came to your event in Buckhead and had lunch with you at Cheesecake Factory and talked about paint and our school project in Haiti. Sadly, Dick died suddenly this summer. I am starting to clean out tools etc. and have found cans of paint--some feel quite full. Others not so much. Where can I take these for you or what is your plan these days for paint? I look forward to hearing from you."

Barbara Rose
Atlanta, GA

"Hello, My name is Will Harper. I work at Greater Atlanta Christian School located in Norcross, GA. I am contacting you today because we have around 100+ gallon cans of paint (oil and acrylic) that are of varying levels of fullness and a dozen or so 5 gallon buckets of acrylic and oil paint. We would really love for you to have whatever would be of use to you. I did not fill out a form because of the large quantity of paint, but if I need fill one out I will. If you are interested just let know. My cell phone number is below. Thanks"

Will Harper | Project Administration

"Good Afternoon, I run a housing community development project that buys and fixes low income housing in Raleigh NC. I will be driving down to see my family near Atlanta next week. I learned of your organization's great work on CNN and want to know if I may drop paint off to you in an Atlanta location. Please get back with me and advise how we can arrange this. Thanks in advance!!"

Sent from donor in NC

"I recommend Rony and the Global Paint for Charities foundation. I had over 60 gallons of paint that would have cost me $5 a gallon to discard. But Thanks to him and his foundation. They took it all off my hands for free. Of course I gave them a small monetary donation, but it was so much easier and cheaper than disposing the paint myself. Thanks Rony, and Keep up the Good Work!"

Fred Camp
Senior Account Manager/Business Consultant at Action Tire Company

"Rony, I'm so proud of you. You are making a change in a big way that will change lives worldwide. I never thought what would happen to the left over paints other than keeping it in our basement or throwing it in the trash. Thank you for protecting the environment and helping the citizens in developing countries. God bless."

Melat Gebru
West Virginia

"Way to go Rony. Such a simple idea to make such a big change in other people's lives. There is nothing like a little color on your walls to uplift your spirits. Way to go!!"

Charles Brown
Nurse Practitioner

"Good Evening! My name is Elizabeth Sanchez and I am writing on behalf of No Limits for deaf children, a non-profit organization (TAX ID: 95-4603048) that serves low-income deaf and hard of hearing children get the services they need to succeed in school and in life. We would kindly like to request the donation of 12 gallons of paint to be used at the renovation of an Educational Center to better serve our deaf children and their families. If you have any further questions, please contact me, Elizabeth. Thanks"

Nolimits For Deaf Children.

This sweet note was sent to us from the E3 Leaders after they painted a homeless shelter in a community in Chicago, IL.

"Global Paint! We wanted to take the time to thank you soooo much for connecting with us and giving us paint donations. Today, we were able to give kids the opportunity to paint for the first time and some of them had their first experience of volunteering. As youth leaders, it was awesome to see them work together and put their creative minds to work. Global Paint has touched our lives and each time a kid walks into those rooms to sleep, hang out or learn they will be impacted by your organization. We will definitely send pictures of the finished projects and keep you posted on where the paint goes. Thanks again!"

E3 leaders, Chicago, IL.

"Landmark High School is a Title I school in NYC. We are being moved from our home on the fifth floor where we had created a mural to represent ourselves and our identity as a school, in a building of seven floors. We will be moved to the fourth floor over the summer, and will need to create new murals of student body voices, through a variety of motifs. We can work with Asst. Principal Siu Chan, to organize shipping issues. As a public school we are seeking a charitable contribution. This conversation can be organized with school admin. "

Teaching Artist,
Landmark High School

"Since 1999, Friends of Gwinnett County Senior Services (FRIENDS), a volunteer-governed 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has been raising money to meet senior needs throughout Gwinnett County. This senior residence has had some major repair work by skilled volunteers and FRIENDS has paid for materials to this point. The support limit has been reached, but the faith-based volunteers are willing to continue if we can get paint. "

Gary Galloway,
Friends of Gwinnett County Senior Services

We are partnering with the West-Ark Church of Christ in Fort Smith, Arkansas who is doing their United State Mission before traveling to a third world country abroad. We will be cleaning up and painting over a bridge are in Mechanicsville downtown Atlanta. Photos can be seen on our website We can pickup the paints from your facility or make arrangements to meet and pickup. "

Micah Rowland,
The Rights 2 Life Foundation Inc.

"I am trying to get donations of paint and related supplies for a workforce development project where some of our general contractors provide free house painting for some of our more vulnerable senior residents to improve the exterior of their homes and at the same time teach the trade to trainee painters. The project to start in the Collier City area of Pompano Beach on or around the first week of July with each trainee painter to remain in the project for two months then transition to job placement."

Dahlia Baker,
Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency

"Rony -can you meet me and Angela at our supportive housing units right up the street from our shelter)? Our most immediate need is a project where we are re-doing our two supportive housing apartments and are in need of paint and volunteers to paint the spaces. These units are right around the corner from our shelter at Saint Marks United Methodist Church on Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA. Our project dates are November 16th - 23rd. Thank you Rony for all you do to support PADV women and children--this is such a blessing to PADV."

Carolyn Booth,
Vice President of Development, Partnership Against Domestic Violence

"Gracias por la donacion, ojala nos siga ayudando pronto aurita estamos haciendo unas pequeñas donaciones con iglesias y le estaremos enviando fotos a utd contamos con muchas deficiencias pero en el nombre de dios seguiremos adelante.. Gracias y bendisiones."

Allan K.,
Honudras, Central America.

Many schools buildings in the Techiman and Nkoranza districts in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana are without paints.About 85 percent have never received support for renovations and the rationale the request is to paints these Schools. We have been receiving support from organisations in abroad.We will liase with our local shipping line to arrange the shipping."

Ernest Ankomah K.,
Michael Lapsley Foundation.

"Hi, I am hoping you have not forgotten me here in Milot Haiti! Our many houses are looking very drab and certainly need a coat of paint to brighten them up. I simply cannot afford to buy paint and the poor people just don't have the means to buy food never mind paint. As you can well imagine a coat of paint on a drab looking house can make a huge difference psychologically and otherwise and can have a great healing effect on family and neighbors. I have managed to restore many old houses and have built 30 new houses with funds from medical volunteers at the hospital and would be SOOOOOOO very grateful if you could please help me with some paint......that would be just so wonderful and make a huge difference in the lives of these poor people who literally struggle to get by on a daily bases. Many thanks for your wonderful work. I was so delighted to meet your representative here in Haiti sometime in November and look forward to hearing from you. God bless."

Sister Ann Crewley
The CRUDEM Foundation, Inc./Hopital Sacre-Coeur. Washington, DC/Milot, Haiti

These paints are used for the exterior, interior, and deck of the Legacy Center, where homeless women and children, men, Veterans, Aged Out Foster Youth, and Ex-Offenders will receive training and resources to mainstream back into society."

Diana Lynch,
Literacy to Legacy, Inc.

"Global Paints provided a beautiful, clean environment for my community, my children and me. Because of these changes I feel so much better about myself and the future of my 9 children. Within 2 months of my house was painted I was able to have my life and my happiness back. My children and I live in a beautiful community. The GPC staff and volunteers helped me to learn how to use paint to make arts and craft products. It was through both the paint donation and the support of GPC staff and its volunteers that I have been able to move forward and starting a small boutique. Every day I feel stronger and happier. Thanks to Global Paints and Thank you Rony. God will bless you."

A mother of 9 children at Milimani Village in the Samburu District of Kenya

"How Blessing it's been to be in a fresh painted house for the first time in my whole life. There is truth in the old saying "there is comfort in a painted house". I gained a certain courage, strength, and pride in myself and felt that I am now a contributing member of this community. My beautiful painted house is helping to heal a positive spirit in me that was not there through my whole life. Thank goodness for Global Paint for Charity."

A single mother of two, Denise is HIV positive and lives in the largest slum in Africa located in Uganda

"Good afternoon Rony, We have a good amount of paint that we are looking to get rid of and was wondering if you were interested in picking it up for use as part of your Global Paint for Charity program? See photo attached. Thank you"

Real Estate Manager, Julie H.
CBRE: Commercial Real Estate Services, Worldwide

"The company I work for and represent, Specialized Property Services, has around 800 - 1000 gallons of good paint that we wish to donate to your charity. I was planning on filling out about 15 of those forms with all of the different paint we have in our possession, however I just do not have the time right now to do that. I am writing this message, because I want you to know that I do have more paint to donate that what shows on the donation applications I have submitted. If you would like a full list of the paint I have available for donation, please let me know and I would be happy to email, fax, etc. a list with that information. Thank you for what you do! Nick O."

Nicholas O.
Tampa, FL

"Hello, I saw a video on line about your charity and was impressed with your program. I have 3600 gallons of paint to donate. Please call or email back to discuss logistics of getting it to you. All major brands and several batches of 100 or more of the same color."

From Ski's Painting, Inc
Kent, WA

"I own a retail paint store in Northern New Jersey. We lost our roof during the Sandy Storm. We have a large and all sorts of paints whose cans have been tattered & wet and not 100 % presentable for retail sales. Very expensive Dutch oil paints in a variety of colors, Paint for the exterior of homes by Cabot's & Sikkens as well as "Bases" for tinting colors desired. We estimate the clean up & security of our roof by next week. Please Advise ASAP If you can except our donation of paint. Thank You "

Retail Paint Store
Northern New Jersey

"Rony, we have paint donations. Would your organization be able to pick it up at our business site in Maitland, Florida? We have 12 opened cans, and 17 unopened cans, so depending on your interest, there might be a large quantity to be donated. If you want only the cans that are not open it is fine. If you want all of it, a small pick up should be able to carry everything. We are open Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm. just let me know what time works better for you and I will be here to assist you guys. Thanks "

Rafaela Schunck
SPR Services, Inc. Dba Saxonis Painting & Reconstruction

"There are 13 cans and buckets of paint that have been placed at the curbside at a residential subdivision. Is there a way for Global Paint for Charity to pick up the paint asap? Please let us know because we would not want any kids getting their hands on these containers."

Brenda Martin
Gwinnett County Solid Waste & Recycling Division

"Rony, Thank you so much for supporting our Earth Day Saturday! We greatly appreciate you and your group being there and as I mentioned, I had NO idea that much paint would have been collected in that short amount of time. You indicated that your preliminary estimates are 6,000 gallons of paint were collected. We are very interested in doing a follow-up Press Release and would love to get our story out soon. Thank you again for everything and we look forward to partnering again in the near future!"

Schelly T. Marlatt
Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners

"Great Idea! We have a training center in Atlanta GA, where we teach apprentices to paint. We have lots of left over paint. I will have our apprentices go through what we have, and pull out what we don't need. I also have some contacts with some painting contractors in 5 states: Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina (We represent Glaziers, Painters, Tapers, Paint Makers, Sign and Display, and other Allied trades), that Global Paint for Charity may get some leftover stuff from them as well."

Louis Partain,
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades

"Good afternoon, My name if Brooke and I work for a Paint Company in St. Louis, MO in the fireproofing department. I wanted to reach out to you to ask you a few questions. I have been researching opportunities for our comapany to give back to a community. We manufacture interior/exterior paint for commercial, industrial, bridge, highway, etc. I was hoping to get some information regarding donating paint to a site in need and Global Paint sounds like a good program if this is something that you are looking for in donation? I appreciate you getting back to me and I look forward to your response. Thank you."

Brooke G.
Paint Company in St. Louis, MO

"Our construction site has a bunch of leftover paint we wanted to try and donate in lieu of throwing away. Please let me know how we need to proceed with donating this material. The jobsite is located near Braselton at the new Northeast Georgia Medical Center."

Joseph Brown,
Construction Company in Braselton, GA

"Hi Rony, My class of Economic Development (69 students) will take place at White Hall. You can come at 6 PM and ask the students to start working on some projects with Global Paint!"

Dr. Sam Cherribi, Director of Emory Economic Development Initiative
Emory University, Atlanta, GA

"Dear Rony: I was very pleased to learn about your interesting project in your member profile for the Council’s next newsletter. I am in the process of selling my home and have quite a lot of paint to dispose of. Would this be of interest to you?"

Cedric L. Suzman, D.B.A, Executive VP & Director of Programming, World Affairs Council of Atlanta
International Business Scholar, GSU Robinson College of Business

"This sounds like quite an undertaking. I admire your commitment and determination."

Dr. Helene D. Gayle MD, MPH
President and CEO, CARE USA

"What a super initiative. I am really pleased to see you are doing so well and doing such amazing things."

Steve Hollingworth
President and CEO, Freedom from Hunger

"Rony, GPC sounds like a very worthy and creative undertaking. An ambitious idea that should really help the vulnerable populations throughout the world."

David Ray
Chief Strategy and Public Policy Officer, Points of Light Foundation

"You have a great concept for making a difference and a great story. I really feel touched and happy about the work you are doing in and for Haiti."

Akin Afolayan
Founder/CEO of Hope Builds

" I am the Youth & Family Minister for the West-Ark Church of Christ in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Our youth group is coming to Atlanta for our domestic mission trip. We will be in the Atlanta area from July 19-24. We estimate of having a group of 50-60 Middle School students, High School students, 4 college aged youth interns and adult chaperones. Our group has experience working effectively with organizations in Denver, Detroit, Oklahoma City and Washington, DC. I am writing to see what service opportunities you might have for your organization for us to serve you and your constituents. We would like to serve as a group, but are more than willing to break into smaller groups if we need to and come at different times throughout the week. I would appreciate hearing back from you in a timely manner so we can finalize our mission trip plans. Currently, I am with a group of students in Bulgaria, so I am about 7 hours ahead of you. I will be able to reply back via email later today. Thanks you so much for your time and I am looking forward to hearing back from you soon."

Rick Odell
Youth & Family Minister for the West-Ark Church of Christ in Fort Smith, Arkansas

"I’ve been interested in non-profit work ever since I was in high school. Working with Global Paint showed me the ins and outs of non-profit work. During my time with GPC, I had the pleasure of working at the Atlanta Tech Village, an office building inhabited by start-up tech companies and more. Just being surrounded by young, ambitious individuals with a passion motivated me to work harder. Over the summer, I attended multiple events that showed me more about start-ups and small businesses. I went to a marketing conference and met lots of local software engineers and marketing officials, and even sat in on Atlanta’s version of Shark Tank. It was great to see what the people around me had accomplished."

Catherine Zhang is a sophomore in Medill
Catherine Zhang is a sophomore in Medill, pursuing journalism, a certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications, and a minor in Business Institutions. In the summer, as part of the Summer Internship Grant Program (SIGP), she interned with Global Paint for Charity, gaining marketing and social media experience.

" Dear Mr. Delgarde, thank you for detailing your work in Dr. Cherribi's course this past week. Your presentation inspired and motivated me to do more in my own community. I would love to have the opportunity to volunteer for Global Paints for Charity in any capacity. I have attached my resume to this email and look forward to doing my part in helping create a better world. Best,"

Mahamed Omar
Emory University: Major in Political Science; Minor in Economics

"Hey Mr. Delgarde, I hope all is well. This is Blake Stoner a current junior at Morehouse. I wanted to see what projects you are working on. At Morehouse I study economics and a bit of computer science. I work on initiatives that concern economic and social development, along side of new business creation. I've done that largely through helping to start new entrepreneurial networks, but now i'm venturing off to creating platforms that use, influential community figures and other concerned groups to form larger waves of progress. All this to say, I would would to know about your initiatives and see if there are ways I could help. I am qute inquisitive when it comes to creating connections that make global statements. Look forward to talking to you"

Blake P. Stoner
Junior at Morehouse College

"Good Afternoon Mr. Delgarde, I am a strong advocate for continuing education and community service, both of which are closely tie to the mission of Global Paint for Charity. With 10 years of advanced technical skills including data management, program monitoring, and policy development, I have experienced success. I'm reaching out to show interest in serving pro bono, offering my technical ability of data analysis and management. Ideally I will volunteer for four hours weekly in an on-going basis to "clean up" your existing database and provide research to support organizational goals."

Shermaine Perry
Advocate for Continuing Education and Community Service

"Rony, it is my pleasure to assist you and your organization. Please let me know if you have any legal matters that needs to be resolved."

Spencer P.
Alston & Bird LLC.

"Good morning Mr. Delgarde, Your program sounds very interesting. The Mission of the City of Forest Park Planning, Building and Zoning Department is to "enhance the City of Forest Park’s quality of life by developing, revitalizing and strengthening its neighborhoods and communities, while utilizing smart growth practices to stabilize and transform our physical, social and economic environment." One of the ways we accomplish our mission is through our "Quality of Life" (QoL)Program. The QoL program provides assistance, primarily in low income communities of the city, by: Helping maintain property values and creating a sense of community; Educating City residents, property owners, and business owners, etc. about City Codes; Consulting with residents to discuss property maintenance issues to reduce code violations; Educating residents about resources available to assist them with housing/property repair or discuss some other solution to current violations; Following-up with the residents on current violations and encourage feedback on the QoL program. One of the possible resources we were considering was being able to make available paint to low income, elderly and disabled residents who may not have the means or be physically able to address pending code violations related to exterior property conditions, often times resolved by simply providing a coat of paint. Maybe there is some way that we could work with Global Paint to create such a program. Though any such effort would need to be approved by the City Manager, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to further discuss the possibility. "

Jonathan Jones, Deputy Director
City of Forest Park, Planning, Building and Zoning Department

"Hi Rony, Rubicon Global’s CEO, who you spoke with this morning passed along your information and asked me to reach out to you. He enjoyed meeting you and thought what you are doing with Global Paints was a great cause. I am part of the vendor Management team and I help source our business and find solutions for our customers. I would love to hear more about what your company is doing and who you are working with. We would love to find a way to provide partner with your business where possible. Let me know if you have time for a quick call."

Mark Dylla
RUBICON GLOBAL | Program Manager

" Greetings, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your partnering with the Andrew Young School Career Services. In my view, we have an incredible success and on behalf of our team, I would like to thank you for everything you do. It is great to have the opportunity to partner with many industry leaders, proving excellent work experience to the sudents. I am excited about the upcoming spring semester and want to encourage you to take advantage of upcoming opportunities to engage our students. If you would like to discuss ways to engage our students and gain visibility for your organization, please call or email me"

Brian Mitchell, Assistant Director for Employer Relations
Andrew Young School Career Services, Georgia State University

"Good Afternoon, my name is Tammy and my Property Manager attended The High Performance Building Summit with you on Monday. We are very interested in your paint recycling program; can you tell me a little on how your program works? Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you"

Tammy Andrus
Jolumbia Property Trust

"Hi, On April 11, at 10am, the Young Political Leaders of Atlanta are excited to join Global Paint for Charity Inc. to paint the house of Mr. Murjan Rasheed. Mr. Rasheed is 78 years old and has been a resident of the Venetian Hills community for 41 years. His house is located at 1262 Graymont Drive, Atlanta, GA 30310. We will be painting the window casings, and base of his house to make a defference. "

Community Service

"I am looking to donate approx. 5 to 10 loads of post consumer latex paint. this latex paint has been collected directly from the consumers in Illinois, put on pallets and ready to ship. please note; this paint has not been separated, sorted or processed. I am in the final stages of commercializing a new patented technology that takes my collected post consumer latex paint and turns it into a new raw material plastic. by donating these loads of collected paint not only can it go to helping your cause, it will balance my warehouse until i can start my manufacturing process. please feel free to call with any questions, thank you for your time. "

Paints Collection Systems
Illinois, U.S.

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